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Get free Direct referrals
Published on 15-08-2018
Hello friends,

The event will end up on AUG 30th! Deposit, deposit and open ticket and get free Direct referrals.

$20-$35 - 2 DR for free .
$36-$60 - 5 DR for free.
$61-$125 - 20 DR for free.
$126-$250 - 25 DR for free.
$251-$450 - 40 DR for free.
$451-$750 - 50 DR for free.
$751-$1000 - 100 DR for free.
it is best way to buy membership and get free referrals :-)

After you deposit on CLIX BOX, please write us a ticket.

>> You can only get DR for 1st deposit, you can not get more DR if you will deposit more times!

>> DIRECT referrals you will get within 12 hours of writing Ticket

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